Hot tips to creating a stand out ELGP Application

Want to know how to position your application for the Emerging Leaders in Governance program? Check out the tips below.

Use your word limit

Utilise the 200 word limits to answer the questions fully. Your application answers give us an opportunity to get to know you better by sharing your interests, passions, experiences/history, qualities and desire to be a participant. It shows how you are unique, how you will add value as a board director and your commitment to this programmes experience.

*Why would you like to participate in the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program?*

Think about the elements of the program that are outlined in the prospectus – how you’ll make the most of it, what you plan/hope to do after the program. Think about our aims of the program and how you will fulfill these aims.

*Provide one example of a major achievement or project you have accomplished in your workplace or community?*

Tell us about you! Why were you involved? How did it utilise your strengths? What was the feedback about the project? Tell us the highs and lows of completing the project.

*Why is it important to you to serve on a not for profit board?*

Tell us about your goals and what’s important to you? Tell us what serving on a board would mean for you. Which boards/organisations would you love to serve on – dream big! How will it benefit you, your community and society?

*Tell us about a key strength and also a weakness that you possess?*

What’s your strengths – what gives you energy, what makes you unique, what feedback have you been given in the past about what you are good at? The weakness shows where you need to grow and improve – what are you working on?

*Please provide details of any volunteering you have undertaken in the last 5 years?*

Tell us about yourself. What have you done? What did you learn? How have you enjoyed it? Who have you met and what has it inspired in you?

*Why should you be chosen to participate in this program?*

How will you bring a different perspective to the program? How will you make the most of this opportunity? Are you ready for all the components of the program – workshops, reading, team project, mentoring, board observations. This is a full on program – show us you are ready to take it on, make the most of it and thrive!

Other ideas

It’s useful to brainstorm the questions with a friend or mentor first and talk out all the ideas you could write about. Then formulate them into a clear structure of how best to present it in your answer.

Good luck and we look forward to your applications!

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