2013 Alumni

Al Brett O
Brett Osler

In my early twenties, I worked in the racing industry, mostly for a racing newspaper as its Advertising Manager where I was responsible for over $500,000 in annual advertising sales, research and design. In my mid-twenties, I moved into recreation planning and leisure services in what was then Australia’s third-largest and fastest growing municipality, the City of Casey. This role required developing and delivering new infrastructure along with redeveloping existing facilities to meet the needs of a changing demographic and new building standards.

I also ran my own business delivering work for the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports and Sports Medicine Australia’s Smartplay programmes amongst others. I then moved into state government to work on state/national-level facilities, international events, legislation and the regulation in both Victoria and Western Australia. I have been involved in numerous working groups (local, state and commonwealth) including Warragul Greyhound Racing Club where I was the youngest committee member and half the age of the next youngest committee member, Logan Park Committee of Management where I represented the interests of the Warragul Greyhound Racing Club and Doveton Eagles Football Club where I took on the role of Vice President and Treasurer after joining the club 6 months earlier to resurrect the club’s finances from an ongoing debt to having significant cash reserves within the season.

The aged care sector is in a period of growth and development, providing an opportunity to shape the future of organisations in this sector as well as myself and others. With legislation being amended for corporations, infrastructure and service delivery, this will provide a relative challenge personally and collectively with any organisation that I am engaged with.

Al Shonelle Duthiephoto
Shonelle Duthie

Since graduating from the University of Western Australia in 2007, I have worked in a number of interesting roles. These include working as an Associate to a Judge of the Supreme Court, a criminal defence lawyer for Legal Aid WA, and a commercial litigation solicitor for a medium size firm in the city. I have also been lucky enough to volunteer for the Subiaco Community Legal Centre, and at an orphanage in Banda Aceh following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Like many people, I have a number of very important elderly people in my life and am concerned about their welfare and the welfare of their generation.

I am looking forward to participating in the program and hope that subsequently I will be able to volunteer on an aged care board.

Al Christelle.Gibson_profile
Christelle Gibson

I am a 28 year old Registered Nurse currently working as Clinical Risk Manager at a private hospital in Perth. Previously I held a similar role in New Zealand as Incident Manager of a public hospital and was privileged to be a member of their Clinical Board advising on actual and potential clinical risk, and informing the board on progress made to address areas of concern. Aged care has always been part of my working life which is primarily due to approximately 80% of hospital admissions being those considered elderly.

Due to our aging population and increased rates of chronic conditions, I have a strong desire to be a part of a new approach to delivering care to the elderly which is holistic, puts the individual first, supports functional independence and encourages freedom of choice.

Al Ambreen
Ambreen Beg

I currently volunteer with a multicultural community centre in the wanneroo area. I am Vice-President of the organisation and have worked with them for the past 5 years. I also work with the Department Of Health as a Recruitment Officer. My upbringing has taught me to always value, respect and learn from the elderly. Being an active member of society has taught me that there is a real need to understand aged care.

I am interested in the aged care sector to gain the knowledge that I need to assist my growing community, myself and to gather the information to create awareness in areas of most need. I believe that we, the Australian community need to look after our elderly just as we do our children, not only because we too will be in their shoes some day, but also because most of these precious people have given their lives to the betterment of society so that we could be where we are. I would like to help them now, when the need is the most.

Al Elizabeth Oliverpic
Elizabeth Oliver

I have worked in the aged care sector for the past 9 years as an occupational therapist (OT). My roles have included clinical provision, management, and project management. I am passionate about making a difference in aged care, and improving the quality of life and wellbeing of older adults.

I have been the convenor of the OT aged care interest group for six years, this has been my major Board experience. I have also helped the Board of another not for profit aged care provider with their funding applications. I am really excited about meeting like minded people and the personal and professional development this program will facilitate.

Al Emma McCormack
Emma McCormack

I’ve had diverse experiences on committees, my first taste was in 2010 when I joined a committee tasked with conducting a national survey of Australian girl guides. I have an Honours degree in Actuarial Science and was the Vice-President of the Student Actuarial Society (SAS) in 2012, the same year I completed a project with the John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA).

I am currently the Secretary of the Young UN Women Australia Perth committee and an intern with Useful Inc, a Perth-based non-profit, where I work on the Big Help Mob project. In high school I volunteered at a nursing home once a week for a semester, playing board games and talking with the residents. I believe that this century is one in which Aged Care will face significant challenges including ageing populations, staffing crises and funding shifts. This not an issue for my future, it is part of my present. I would like to be more involved and to know that the actions I contribute to will lead to a healthy and sustainable industry.

Al Orla Hill 968553785
Orla Hill

I have worked in the Research Department at Silver Chain, a large a provider of community health and aged care services, for three years. During this time I have been involved in many projects focused on improving care outcomes for older people. I have been lucky enough to spend time with many older people living in Perth and I am committed to being as involved as possible in strategies to maximize the health and wellbeing of this population group.

Through my work with Silver Chain I have become involved with the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG), Australia’s largest multidisciplinary professional association of people who work in, or have an interest in, ageing. I am a member of the WA State Committee and I am the current Newsletter Representative for the WA section of the AAG National newsletter. Outside of work I am an active member of Subiaco Rotaract, a group committed to leadership and community involvement. I am looking forward to developing my leadership skills and potentially having the opportunity to work with boards of aged care organisations.

Al Ann N 478961308
Ann Nyaga

I have extensive experience in Aged Care having held various positions in ranging from Personal Care Assistant, Supervisor to my current position as a Registered Nurse.

In my 6 years of working in aged care I have developed an interest in involvement in governance and being part of the decision making team that oversees the effective workplace policies in order to be of more support at the grass roots and also if the opportunity ever arises to have be knowledge ready to take up a position on a board.

Al Kanyanta
Kanyanta Chipanta

I am from originally from Zambia and have lived in Perth for 10years. I am currently a practicing Architect working on various Western Australian building projects including Aged Care and Independent Living Facilities. My current projects include designing alterations and additions to existing Aged care facilities to bring them in line with the current Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian standards such as Design for Access and Mobility.

Coming from a culture where families look after their ageing family members in the family home where they can be as comfortable and remain connected to the family as much as possible, I am always interested in learning different models of the provision of Aged Care in Aged Care Facilities. I believe that with greater understanding of different lifestyles and a fusion of cultural values we can greatly improve the standard of living our Elderly population.

Al Louise F 1 - small
Louise Forster

Louise is currently the Training and Workforce Development Team Leader at CommunityWest Inc. She has been involved in community services since childhood, as her family offered respite to children with disabilities in the UK. She graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of London and has worked in community services and aged care since moving to Australia in 2001.

Louise has a passion for training and particularly developing others to achieve their goals. She has sat on a National Education and Training Advisory Committee in the aged care sector as well as other advisory committees and is the secretary of the Parents and Friends Association at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School (where her daughter attends). Louise is keen to use her knowledge of community services, consumer-directed care, training and leadership to contribute to the aged care sector, to see it move forward and thrive.

Al Brooke Jones
Brooke Jones

Brooke has worked as a Board Secretary for identitywa, one of Western Australia’s leading organisations supporting people with disability. 12 months ago, she joined Carpets for Communities’ Development Committee which makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on development related policies and programs in Poipet, Cambodia.

Brooke has a keen interest in the not-for-profit and community services sector and is passionate about providing older Australians with more choice and control. Currently working for a disability organisation that provides services to an increasingly older population, Brooke is concerned about the ‘grey areas’ in service provision in the border territory between the disability and aged service systems.

Al Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood

My name is Thomas Wood, I have worked in the Aged Care sector for over 6 years in a voluntary and employed capacity. Roles that I have held in this industry include working as a carer, activities officer in various organisations. I am currently employed with the City of Belmont as an Activities Officer at Ascot Park adult day centre. My interest in the aged care sector stems from supporting aged people help maintain their independence and quality of life.

Al Erica Toth
Erika Toth

I am a final year Master of Occupational Therapy student studying at Curtin University. I have developed a strong interest in the aged-care sector through my limited but very positive experience working with older individuals and my grandmother being my biggest inspiration. I believe the elderly population has very diverse life experiences which they love to share with youngsters and as a young population, we can learn a lot from them through conversations, active listening and interactions.

I am looking forward to participate in the Young Leaders Program and hoping to contribute to a better overall health and wellbeing of older individuals through learning from the experts in this field and sharing my values and ideas for developing a better future for the elderly and helping to overcome some of the challenges this industry faces with.

Ashley Dawson

My name is Ashley Dawson, and I am a qualified CPA working in the public practice sector for GeersSullivan, a boutique business services firm that offers consulting and tax advice for SME’s. In the past 7 years that I have worked here – first as a graduate accountant, then as a senior and now a manager of one of our business services teams, I have been passionate about both helping my client’s businesses grow, as well as pursuing my interest in the non-for-profit sector.

Throughout my university days I worked in several aged care facilities, which is where my interest has stemmed from, and now wish to make a contribution back to this industry by applying the knowledge and business acumen I have obtained over the past 7 years in a non-executive board position with the aged care sector. I am excited about the Young Leaders initiative and am looking forward to starting what should be a very rewarding and fulfilling program.

Al David Pereira
David Pereira

For the past 4 years I’ve been working for Crown Wealth Management as a Financial Planner, working in the industry in total for the last 6 and half years. I currently manage the day to day running of the Perth office, and meet with key stakeholders in making and implementing decisions that impact the medium to long term outcomes of the company. I provide advice in areas of pre and post retirement strategies, which includes taking into consideration the financial aspects and options as older Australians find they may no longer be able to live independently and will need some level of assistance.

My interest in aged care stems from seeing people face negative outcomes as a result of decisions being made without seeking proper advice as well as believing that those who wish to remain at home have the option and ability to for as long as feasibly possible; through the wide range of services available to them such as Community Aged Care Packages and the Extended Aged Care at Home Program.

Al Shameema K
Shameema Kolia

Shameema Kolia is a successful young entrepreneur and leader who has experience in running her own business as well as holding leadership positions in community organisations. She has worked extensively with young people and women from diverse backgrounds. She has been on the Board of leading organisations in the Muslim Community and currently sits on the board of the Islamic Council of Western Australia and Muslim Youth WA. She has been on the Board of the Ethnic Communities Council as both Women’s and Youth Vice President as well as on the Ethnic Youth Advisory Group through the Office of Multicultural Interests.

She has been part of the Women’s Advisory Council to the Minister for Women’s Affairs and on the Board of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network for two years. She is a Director of the Al Imdaad Foundation Australia, an International Aid Organisation. She is also a Designer and Marketing Director at Rayannes Design Australia.

Al Joshua H
Joshua Hawes

Josh has a professional background in performance enhancement, organisational psychology and critical incident response. He has also been involved with forensic and military psychology throughout his professional career. Josh’s time in the military has seen him serve in multiple units and go overseas on more than ten deployments; to places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whilst deployed with the military he was responsible for the delivery of vital psychological support to troops both in building resilience and assisting after trauma. Josh has served as Regimental Psychologist with the (SAS) and currently continues to consult to the SAS. Josh has considerable experience in dealing with Critical Incidents locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and is able to assist organisations and personnel in how to develop psychological resilience within the work environment. Josh has assisted many organisations in managing the impact of mental health issues in the workplace and guiding managers in implementing strategic processes with a solution focus. Currently, Josh is the Principal Psychologist at Critical Components and is an avid Free-diver in his spare time.

Al Kuda M
Kuda Mangwe

Kuda Mangwe is an ambitious leader and public speaker and a graduate of Curtin University. Arriving in Australia on June 29 2009, Kuda soon took a liking to the Aussie people and culture and quickly settled in. However it wasn’t until 2011 that he really took a bite into the Aussie apple. Kuda was given an opportunity to undertake an internship with United Way and after three short weeks with the organisation, he found an opportunity to start a youth body for the organisation called Student United Way. The following year after working a few more jobs an opportunity to work with another not for profit (Days of Change) came alight.

After a short while working with them he was approached to become a board member and has been since May 2012. Kuda’s dream job is to become a CSP and influence the world using his greatest asset: his voice. He currently works part time as a speaker and fulltime as an Innovator @ Large for a large not for profit.

Al Samantha_Bushell
Samantha Bushell

Samantha Bushell, during her 27 years of life, has worked in customer service whilst studying at Perth Modern and throughout her first degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Notre Dame University. Feeling the need to give back to the community she enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy as a Communications and Informations Systems Sailor. After receiving the Maritime Warfare Community Medallion, Samantha completed her service and returned home to Perth to enrol in Curtin University’s Postgraduate Master of Occupational Therapy. While she finishes her study she volunteers her time with the Western Australian Occupational Therapy Association on the marketing and student committees, as a Spark of Life Facilitator at Brightwater (Inglewood), and is currently a student mentor at Curtin. She hopes to use the experience at the Young Leaders Program to facilitate change and promote aged care careers to her peers.

Al Alice Newport
Alice Newport

I have been involved in volunteering since a young age and over the past two years have sat on two boards; the Association for Competitive Employment WA (ACEWA) and Pride WA Inc. taking on Secretary and Media, Marketing, Event Management and President roles respectively. My career has spanned across variety of community focused sectors starting working with refugees, moving to education and disability and now moving to a role within an organisation with an overarching community focus; Lotterywest.

My interest in the aged care sector sparks from a love of community, individual focused approaches, and equality, respect and ensuring people have the care and assistance they need throughout all aspects of their lives.

Emerging Leaders in Governance Program – Women only cohort (August – November 2021)

In 2021, we are hosting a second Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) cohort with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women and our Community Partners. 

We are opening applications specifically for young women (40 years and under) from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women to participate.  Young women from CaLD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds with disabilities are also strongly encouraged to apply.  

Click to read the program prospectus here.

The Program runs from August to November. It is delivered by experienced leadership development trainer, Alicia Curtis, with Dr. Nicky Howe CEO of Southcare Inc. Read about them here. Places on the program are sponsored by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women and our Community Partners

Commitment to attending all components of the program is vital. The time commitment is approximately 100 hours including workshops, site visits, a weekend retreat, pre-reading and leadership challenges including a group project.  Read here about what previous graduates had to say about the ELGP.

Applications open on the 16 June 2021 and an information evening (DATE – 15 June 2021) is held to provide those interested with an opportunity to find out more about the program and the responsibilities and opportunities for participants.  If you can’t make the information evening, please read the program prospectus carefully and direct any questions to Alicia Curtis at alicia@alyceum.com.au.

Applications are available here and close on 4 July.

Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP)

The Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) develops young professionals (under 40 years of age) for Board leadership in the aged care and community sector. The Program uses action and experiential learning methods and a range of tools and media aimed at developing your leadership and governance skills for a Board position within the aged care and community sector. The Program focuses on the following:

  • You as a Leader – On a dedicated (weekend) Leadership Retreat and through learning activities throughout the Program, you will be assisted to identify and evaluate your personal leadership style and strengths, your leadership goals and aspirations and opportunities to develop these.
  • Board Governance – During the Program you will learn about the role of Boards, the roles and responsibilities of Directors; as well as Board dynamics, etiquette and processes, including Board papers; – at learning sessions, a Board Observation opportunity for each participant and at Unconventions and other events.
  • Aged Care and Community Sector Knowledge – The Program includes site visits to aged care and community organisations and formal and informal presentations and conversations at Unconventions, one-to-one mentoring sessions (one for each participant) and networking opportunities, for you to gain exposure to Community leaders and current themes within the sector
  • You in a Team – You will be required to complete a group project with 3 or 4 other participants. The project has genuine business value for the sector and will be added to the online Resource Toolkit on the website here. See resources entitled “ELGP Project” for previous projects produced by our Alumni.
  • Community Support for Your Leadership Journey – Throughout the Program you are supported by the aged care and community sector. Community Leaders (from Community Partner and other organisations), share their insights and are mentors and speakers at events and learning sessions. They may offer Board traineeships or Board positions near graduation time. You also have free access to Unconventions as an ELGP participant and alumni.

You can read the 2022 Program Prospectus here!

** Application forms for the 2022 program are available from 2 November and will close on 29 November 2021.

The application link will be available here on the 2 November 2021.

The Program runs from late January to May each year. It is delivered by experienced leadership development trainer, Alicia Curtis, with Dr. Nicky Howe CEO of Southcare Inc. Read about them here. Places on the program are sponsored by Community Partners. Successful applicants are required to make a small financial contribution of $500 to demonstrate commitment to the Program. We also encourage applicants to discuss their application with their employee to determine the financial support available to you to contribute to the program cost.  Read here about what previous graduates had to say about the ELGP.

Applications open in November of the year before and an information evening (DATE – 1 November 2021) is held in the same month to provide those interested with an opportunity to find out more about the program and the responsibilities and opportunities for participants. Subscribe with your email (right column) to be notified when enrollments open or contact us us below for other enquiries.


Who Should Apply

Each year up to 20 talented individuals of diverse age, professions, industries, occupations and experience are accepted into the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) Entry to the Program is competitive. The following qualities will enhance your application:

  • A desire to be a Board member of an Aged Care or Community Organisation. The ELGP is sponsored by aged care and community organisations who are committed to developing young leaders to succeed on Boards. Whilst this Program does not offer you a Board position, it is anticipated that you are similarly keen to give back to the aged care and community sector at a Board level.
  • A Business, Professional, Community and/or Entrepreneurial Skill, Interest or Value that you could contribute in a voluntary capacity on a Board of Governance.
  • Leadership and Community Experience – You may already be a thought or action leader in a specified community (eg youth, rights, ethnic) and/or you may volunteer or participate in community events, for a community organisation, for a particular cause or on a committee.

Read the profiles here of some of candidates who have been selected for the Program in previous years.

Who Should Apply Content Page Photo Cropped
Commitment to the entire 4 month Program is vital, therefore if you apply and are chosen, you are agreeing to attend the whole Program (Dates will be provided at application time). The commitment of this Program is not to be taken lightly. There are Wednesday sessions (either breakfast or evening sessions) every week, 2 Saturday sessions, team project work and a weekend retreat (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). All sessions are held outside of normal working hours. All sessions are compulsory as part of the Program.

Networking and Connectivity

A distinguishing feature of the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) is to connect emerging leaders with each other and with senior community leaders so that you can establish continuing support, connectivity and opportunities to succeed in your leadership and governance journey.

As a participant of the ELGP you will have the opportunity to connect with peers in your graduate group and the Alumni Network.

You will also be able to expand your networks in the aged care sector and community sector at learning sessions, Board observations, Unconventions and other such events with networking opportunities.

Over 41 Community Partner organisations provide speakers, leadership mentors and Board observations for the ELGP in areas such as aged care, health, drug and alcohol, LGBTI rights, advocacy, community services, community housing and disability. You will have opportunities to engage with senior leaders from some of these organisations to exchange ideas, gain insights and establish contacts. Many participants, especially those who are not from the aged care or community sector find these networking opportunities invaluable.

Board Opportunities

The Emerging Leaders Governance Program gives you individual training, current insights and access to aged care and community contacts to enhance your leadership and governance aspirations. The Program does not offer Board positions.

Periodically some of our Community Partners offer Board Traineeships at graduation time. In 2015, Southcare Inc, Starick Inc, Swancare, Melville Cares and CommunityWest made Board traineeships available to ELP graduates. After completing traineeships, many graduates have gone on to accept full board positions.

After graduation, some participants have also been “headhunted” by aged care and community Boards for full or temporary Board positions.

Board Positions


Accountant – CPA 

Palmerston Association Inc is a leading and respected specialist not for profit provider of alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia. Operating for almost 40 years, Palmerston supports individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol and other drug issues through a range of services including counselling, group and family support, residential rehabilitation and educational initiatives in the community. We are located in Perth metropolitan, Peel, the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

The Corporate office is located in Subiaco.

Role Description:
Palmerston is seeking expressions of interest from a certified practising accountant to lend their skills and experience to contribute to the effective governance and financial oversight of the organisation. As a Board member, you will be a Member of the Finance Committee with a view to nominating for the Treasurer once familiar with the business of the organisation.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to guide and monitor the business and affairs of the organisation, including compliance with the organisation’s corporate governance objectives and setting the strategic directions of the organisation.

The Board Members of Palmerston Association will have empathy with the purpose and values of the organisation. They will have the abilities and skills which will be of use in the leadership of the Association and its ongoing growth and development.

Board meetings are held at the Subiaco office on the last Tuesday of each month from 5.15pm – 7.15pm (approx.). Finance Committee meetings are generally held every two months or as needed.

Membership of the Board is of a voluntary capacity.

How to Apply:
Please contact the CEO, Emma Jarvis for initial discussions. T: 6389 6600 or E: ejarvis@palmerston.org.au


My Care My Choice

Board Director

This is a social enterprise supporting aged care, disability and mental health services. New and growing business.

(You may want to chat with the GM about membership too, it starts at around $500 pa and has a good reach for new customers)

They are seeking a new Board Director to become Chairperson.

For more information please download the advertisement.


Anglicare WA

Non Executive Director

Our Vision:
We believe in a just and fair Western Australia where everyone can thrive.

The Role:

Board Members will be expected to have knowledge and expertise in a number (but not all) of the following areas:

Values: Ability to support the Vision, Purpose and Values of Anglicare WA, including its relationship with the Anglican Church.

Governance: Understanding and experience of Governance in general, specifically within the charitable sector.

Sector Knowledge: Understanding of / background in social and community services.

Management: Understanding of contemporary management, preferably as a CEO.

Strategic Thinking: Strategy & Corporate Planning capability and thinking, including Board reporting mechanisms.

Financial: Business Development / Financial Management Experience.

Fundraising: Marketing and Fundraising experience.

Innovation & Technology: Understanding and experience in innovation & technology, including enterprise wide systems and implementations, new technology solutions and innovation practices.

People & Culture: Understanding and experience in strategic people challenges including culture, talent, capability, diversity & inclusion and safety.

The Board of Anglicare WA promotes a working environment that values diversity and inclusion and we strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, people who identify as LGBTI and people with a disability. If you have any support or access requirements, we encourage you to advise us at time of application.

How to apply:

To apply, please provide your CV along with an expression of interest outlining your experience in the context of the board competencies to:
Karen Aiesi
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Board Traineeships

None at this time.


Al Louise F 1 - small“Since completing the inaugural Emerging Leaders Governance Program in 2013, I have completed a Board Director Traineeship with SwanCare Group, been appointed to the Board of MercyCare and graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors course in 2014.

MercyCare’s Board had a number of important projects, including a major strategic planning process, ceasing delivery of acute care services and reviewing their constitution. I also used my internal auditing skills as a member of the Board’s Risk and Audit Committee.

In 2015, I was appointed to the Palmerston Association Board. All of these incredible experiences have enabled me to develop and continue my governance journey to benefit the community sector in WA.”

Louise Forster, Experienced Business Leader,
2016 BHP Billiton Scholar and Palmerston Board Director

Board Success

In Januray 2021, 116 Board positions have been attained by ELGP graduates; and 39 Board Traineeships in aged care, health, mental health, disability, drug and alcohol, education, training and peak body groups.

Read about Ashley and Matthew’s governance journey below.



“Graduating from the inaugural Emerging Leaders in Governance Program has opened more doors for me than I thought possible. Since the completion of the program I have been fortunate enough to be appointed to two NFP boards, including my appointment to the Southcare Board as Board Secretary. The knowledge, skills and connections I made through the Program have presented opportunities that would ordinarily not be available to a young person wanting to gain Board experience, and the mentorship shown by the entire Southcare Board and leadership team has been truly invaluable”

Ashley Dawson
CPA Senior Manager and Southcare Board Director

Al Matthew photo

“Following the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program, I was fortunate to gain a year-long traineeship as a director on the Board of the SwanCare Group. At this time. I have had two board meetings and one sub-committee meeting so far and am loving every minute of it. I would strongly recommend the Program to any young professional looking to gain/learn more about directorship positions in the community sector as well as those with an interest in leadership and connecting with other like-minded, young professionals”

Matthew Horgan, Engineer

Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is a growing group of graduates of the Emerging Leaders Governance Program. The Network is a facility for graduates to stay in touch with each other and maintain links with Community Partners, events and other developments of the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards Program.

The Alumni Network has been supported by an Alumni Committee in the past, who have arranged a number of events with leaders such as George Jones, Retired Sundance Chairman and former State Attorney General, Cheryl Edwardes. More social, networking and leadership development events are planned for the future.

Most Alumni Network events are also open to other young leaders in the community who are interested in leadership and Board governance. If you would like to know more about these events, please register as a member on this website to get our news direct to your inbox.

Alumni and Participants

Our Alumni and current ELGP participants are a vibrant group of young professionals who are currently contributing on Boards of Governance and/or in the communities in which they work and live.

As well as their diverse business, professional and entrepreneurial interests, the graduates of our Program have all demonstrated a remarkable commitment and drive to make a positive impact in the aged care and community sector at a leadership level. We invite you to read the professional profiles in the following pages of the 2021 Spring, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 20172016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 participants and alumni.

The Alumni Open Reference meetings and events are an avenue for graduates to stay in touch with each other and maintain links with Community Partners, events and other developments of the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards Program.

Alumni events have included leaders such as George Jones, Retired Sundance Chairman and former State Attorney General, Cheryl Edwardes. More social, networking and leadership development events are planned for the future.

Most Alumni Network events are also open to other young leaders in the community who are interested in leadership and Board governance. If you would like to know more about these events, please register as a member on this website to get our news direct to your inbox.

leadership group 2a