Acorns for People Passionate about Aged Care

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This unique LinkedIn group was founded on the vision of creating a place for people with a passion for aged care to come together to formulate ideas, relationships, and innovate the aged care industry.

Louise Forster and I have both found that having an interest in aged care can be a lonely place. Speaking to others in the industry, young people are seen to have no interest in aged care, or move on too quickly to be considered as genuine in their passion. This has meant that there are minimal young people in the industry and it can be difficult to find leadership opportunities.

This is where ACORNS shines. We are group for everyone with a passion for aged care. We are here to provide a platform for innovation, collaboration and networking. It is a place for young people to illustrate their pride in wanting to improve the aged care industry, show initiative and provide leadership opportunities for others. It is a place for senior management to recruit talent, advocate their industry initiatives, provide mentoring opportunities and give back to the future leaders of the aged care sector.

Our LinkedIn group is the forum in which we provide these opportunities. With over 170 members, we are growing bigger everyday. In August 2013 a networking event will be used to create face-to-face connections between our Acorns (young leaders), Oaks (aged care leaders) and Saplings (those in-between). These connections/mentoring relationships will be used to stimulate the growth of youth initiatives in age care, promote future innovations and provide opportunities for all generations to learn from each other.

We want you to be a part of the solutions. ACORNS is the group to innovate the industry. Come shape the future with us.

Samantha Bushell

Samantha Bushell, Emerging Leaders Governance Program Graduate (2013) Samantha Bushell, talks about Acorns a Linkedin group for people passionate about aged care.  


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