Connecting Young Leaders and Board Member

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Young leaders play an ever growing part in the professional sphere in WA. Increasingly young people are seen taking leadership roles in the workplace and wanting to be considered for positions on Boards.

While the demand for Board positions within young leaders grows, opportunities lack. Boards need a powerful network in order to achieve their mission; however Boards do not often look beyond their existing network when seeking to fill directorship vacancies.
The CommunityBoardConnect LinkedIn Group allows users, both Board directors and young leaders, to become thought leaders and build relationships with their peers in the WA community services sector. For young leaders it opens up the door to networking with professionals that would have been difficult to connect with otherwise, and for Boards it allows them access to young potential Board members who can bring a different perspective and energy to the Boardroom table.


Board Recruitment Research Report

CommunityBoard Connect LinkedIn Group

Brooke Jones, Emerging Leaders Governance Program Graduate (2013), speaks about her team’s project on connecting Young Leaders and Board Members in the community services sector


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