ELGP Project


ELGP 2020 Projects

As part of the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) 2020, participants have worked in groups to produce these four exceptional projects on the subject of improving diversity in board governance.  The topics covered are: A Digestible Guide on Risk Appetite for New Board Members Compose a More Effective Board Develop Strategies for a Successful […]

ELGP 2018 Projects

Each year our Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) participants will produce exceptional projects during their four-month training period with topics on Board leadership. This year, our ELGP 2018 participants have worked in groups to create the projects below:  Diversifying Boards: Beyond Tokenism The Business Benefits of ELGP Placement on Boards Creating an Effective Board […]

ELGP 2017 Projects

During our Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) training course, our ELGP 2017 participants have worked in teams to create five exceptional projects. The topics covered include:    Innovation Driving Diversity on NFP Boards Final – ELGP – NFP Collaborations Consumer Directed Care – Consumer Engagement Toolkit The Increasing Choice in Home Care Reforms – […]

ELGP 2016 Projects

Our Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) 2016 participants have created five exceptional projects during their ELGP training course. These projects focus on Board governance topics such as frameworks on facilitating diversity on Boards, case studies on aged care organisations and Board chairs in Australia, as well as a marketing toolkit for the public to […]

Get on Board: Helping Develop Young and Emerging Leaders for Board Roles

As we emphasise the importance of adding diversity to the Board, it is equally important to prepare the young professionals for the Board’s leadership positions. This document provides the overview and insights on board traineeship programs from organisations such as Southcare Inc, Melville Cares, SwanCare and MercyCare (just to name a few) within the community and aged care sectors. Click here to access to […]

Emerging Funding Models for the Aged Care and Community Sectors

Please click here to view the document.

Governance Resource List

Board Governance is a frequently discussed topic and, with the myriad of resources available, it can be difficult to make sense of what information is appropriate for you.    This  Governance Resource List list is designed as an easy reference for people searching for learning materials in relation to governance, whether in the form of face to face or […]

Embracing Age Diversity on Boards: The Power of an Untapped Resource

Having doubts of recruiting young leaders on Boards? Have a read through these nine Emerging Leaders’ stories that will challenge the bias against having younger board directors.  Please click here to view the document.

Trainee Board Director Program – Board Resource Guide

Many organisations tend to overlook the idea of recruiting young leaders on boards due to the risks, and even young leaders themselves have doubts on their capability. However, with sufficient training, young leaders can excel on Boards. Refer to this Board Resource Guide to know more about Trainee Board Director Program, a framework designed to […]

What we learnt – ELGP participants (2014) speak out

It has been a wonderful four-month period with our Emerging Leaders in Governance Program (ELGP) 2014 graduates. Click on the video below to listen about their takeaways from ELGP.    

Modern Mentoring Ebook

Prepared by our 2014 ELGP graduates, this project gives you a thorough analysis on modern mentoring. To know more about creating intergenerational relationships within the aged care and community sectors, click here to view the E-book

Raw Talent: Risk and Benefits of Young Professionals on Boards Report

We encourage young professionals to get on the community and aged care Boards, yet there still are risks and benefits to be taken into consideration. Have a read about the survey report here to know more about what impacts that may occur from recruiting young leaders on Boards.     Please click here to view the […]