Young Leaders on Boards


Governor Malcolm McCusker on the Young Leaders Program.

Governor Malcolm McCusker launches the Resource Toolkit and tells us his thoughts about the Young Leaders Programs (July 2013).

Why We Need Them – Perspectives

Board Directors, Community Leaders and young people tell us why we need Young Leaders on Boards.

Spotlight – Philip Beckett, Young Board Member

Spotlight – Shameema Kolia, Board Member

ELGP 2013 Participants have their say.

Participants of the Emerging Leaders Governance Program 2013 tell us what Young Leaders can contribute to a Board

Spotlight – Kylie Hansen, Young Board Member

Spotlight – Anna Johnson, Young Board Member

Why we should include Young Leaders on Boards

Program Founders, Dr. Nicky Howe and Alicia Curtis tell us why this Program is important for Board governance and the community.