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ELGP welcomes everyone. Board diversity needs to include people with disability.

Since the inception of the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program (EYLACCB) we have championed diversity in all its forms on boards. Every year, when applications open for the annual Emerging Leaders in Governance program (ELGP) it’s an opportunity to encourage those from diverse backgrounds with community board aspirations to apply. […]

Congratulations to the ELGP 2020 Graduates!

Last week, we congratulated the ELGP graduates of 2020 with our first ever virtual graduation.  Unsurprisingly, it has been a very unique ELGP experience this year.  We were fortunate that participants got to start their program as normal, with their breakfast launch, site visits and weekend retreat all occurring in person.  However, participants were challenged […]

2020 ELGP Participants revealed

In our eighth year of the program, we are delighted to reveal the participants of the 2020 Emerging Leaders in Governance program. Many of these participants are provided with scholarships to attend the program due to the funding provided by Community Partners. As you’ll read below, this group has exceptional professional skills and a keen […]