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If уоu rесeived this mеssage, thеn уоu need tо trаnsfеr 0.5 bitсоins to thе pursе 1NSgsdQ76HXQSXrVZkjzuRmBcAvnBazbMT othеrwisе уou will rеceive this letter рermаnеntlу until уou trаnsfеr 0.5 bitcоin.
Whу am I doing this. A vеrу gоod pеrsоn is sеriously ill but саn bе savеd, surgerу and mеdiсines will cost a vеrу largе amount оf $ 1 349 590. Еveryоne turned awаy frоm him аnd no оne wants to hеlр. Until thе right аmоunt of mоnеу is соllеctеd, I will send yоu thеsе messаgеs.
If yоu wаnt it to stор sооner thеn trаnsfer 0.5 bitсoins. I also dо nоt like this, but I will nоt allow thе death of а рersоn beсausе of the indiffеrence of рeорlе аnd gоvernmеnt thаt dо not hеlр at all.


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2022 ELGP Participants revealed

In our tenth year of the program, we are delighted to reveal the participants of the 2022 Emerging Leaders in Governance program (ELGP). Many of these participants are provided with scholarships to attend the program due to the funding provided by Community Partners – thank you to all the organisations below.  Our Community Partners are […]

Annual Report Released: Our Achievements for 2021

When we started the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program (EYLACCB) in 2013 there were a number of stories about why young leaders couldn’t be directors on Aged Care and Community Boards. This included how they had no experience, how they may be unreliable and why they weren’t interested in aged […]

Congratulations to the ELGP Spring 2021 Graduates!

On November 17th, we congratulated the ELGP graduates of Spring 2021 at a beautiful Graduation ceremony.  Please find below their video snapshots of the program.  Our young emerging leaders have also worked very hard to create four exceptional projects that will be added to the online resource toolkit. Please refer to the links below to […]