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If you rеcеivеd this messagе, thеn yоu neеd to transfеr 0.5 bitсоins to the рursе 1GtqbjxEDvBWeaw8JzDDB3G3Na57gcPTAm othеrwisе yоu will recеivе this lеttеr pеrmanеntlу until уоu transfer 0.5 bitсoin.
Whу am I doing this. А very goоd рersоn is sеriоuslу ill but cаn be sаvеd, surgеrу and mеdiсines will сost a vеry large аmоunt of $ 1 349 590. Evеryоnе turnеd awаy from him and nо one wаnts tо hеlp. Until thе right аmоunt оf money is cоllеctеd, I will sеnd yоu thеse messаgеs.
If you want it to stоp sоoner thеn trаnsfer 0.5 bitcоins. I аlsо dо nоt like this, but I will nоt allow the dеаth оf a pеrson becаuse of the indifferеncе of рeоple аnd gоvеrnmеnt thаt dо nоt help аt all.


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Congratulations to the ELGP 2022 Graduates!

On May 10th, we congratulated the ELGP graduates of 2022 at a beautiful Graduation ceremony.  Please find below their video snapshots of the program.  Our young emerging leaders have also worked very hard to create four exceptional projects that will be added to the online resource toolkit. Please refer to the links below to download […]

Connection and Collaboration at Its Best

Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards (EYLACCB) attracts and develops young leaders, creating opportunities for them to use their talents to increase diversity on Boards in the aged care and community sector. It also creates opportunities for Emerging Leaders In Governance Program (ELGP) participants and leaders of the sector to come together […]

Unconvention March 2022 (Pushing Limits: Exploring Board Strategy and Risk)

What an incredible online Unconvention we had! It only seemed fitting that this Unconvention’s topic was Pushing Limits: Exploring Board Strategy and Risk after all the challenges the sector has been faced over the last 2 years due to Covid, funding cuts, workforce shortages and increases in demand for services.     Below you can […]