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Introducing our new Coaches for the Spring Program 2022

We are excited to announce two coaches, Alyce Schotte and Aish Srinivas, who will be joining us for the ELGP Spring program specifically for young women who identify as LGBTIQ+* to participate (*This means LGBTIQ+ women who identify or may be perceived as women in the workplace. This includes cisgender women, transgender women, and non-binary […]

2022 ELGP Spring Participants revealed

In our tenth year of the program, we are delighted to reveal the participants of the 2022 Emerging Leaders in Governance program (ELGP) Spring program for LGBTIQ+ women and non binary people thanks to funding from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women.   As you’ll read below, this cohort has exceptional […]

Why do we need more LGBTIQ+ women on Boards?

🌈 LGBTIQ+ women constitute a meaningful proportion of Western Australia (Australian Human Rights Commission estimates 11% of Australians are LGBTIQ+) but are underrepresented in leadership and board positions. Research from PWC and Pride in Diversity found that LGBTIQ+ women are 12% less likely to be out at work than LGBTIQ+ men, and one in five leave […]